Carmel Fuller Obituary, Carmel Fuller Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Carmel Fuller Obituary, Carmel Fuller Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Carmel Fuller Death, Obituary – Everyone who was still a part of the club felt a profound sense of loss after learning the news that Carmel Fuller had passed away. Carmel Fuller had been a member of our group in the past, and after hearing the news of her demise, everyone felt a huge sense of sorrow. Carmel was always bubbling over with vitality; she never missed an opportunity to greet you with a cheerful smile and engage you in delightful conversation. She was always bursting at the seams with vitality.

As members of the Sperrin Harriers, she, along with her husband Norman and daughter Claire, competed in a number of races while proudly donning the club’s traditional red and white vests to show their allegiance to the organization. The image that follows depicts the upbeat and cheerful Carmel that we were all so familiar with on the morning of the Lough Fea 5k, which took place while it was chilly and there was snow outside.

Carmel, on the other hand, did not let this deter her; she completed the task with a pleasant attitude, and she even met the requirements to get an award in her age category on that particular day. And on a more upbeat note, she and her husband Norman may be seen in the other picture flying the Sperrin Harrier flag overseas while racing in the Krakow parkrun!!
Carmel, you will be remembered with affection not only by the people who knew you but also by the people who were closest to you, your family.

This is how you will be remembered. At this time, her children Aisling, Conor, and Claire, together with the rest of her family, are in our thoughts and prayers. Also included in this group is her husband, Norman. They will remain in our thoughts and prayers as long as we are able to do so.