Car Accident Fresno CA

Car Accident Fresno CA, 18-Year-Old Killed

Fresno CA Accident – An auto accident that resulted in the death of a man in Fresno County on Wednesday evening has led to the identification of the victim. The collision ultimately proved fatal for the man. According to the authorities, his name is Cameron Patterson, and he is 18 years old.
At approximately 6:15 in the evening, a collision occurred at the intersection of Herndon Avenue and Madsen Road.

Patterson was unable to free himself from the vehicle and was therefore forced to swim to safety while the other three adolescents were able to do so without incident. Throughout the course of the night, it was speculated that he had vanished without a trace, but it wasn’t until the morning that rescue workers found his body inside the vehicle after it had been extracted from the water. According to the findings of the investigation, neither alcohol nor drugs are thought to have been a factor in the accident that occurred. Two of the young people were transported to the hospital in order to receive medical attention there.

Highway Patrol officers say that four teenagers were riding in a vehicle that was moving at a rate of speed that was excessive when the driver, an 18-year-old identified as Marcos Zuniga II, lost control of the vehicle on a turn and caused it to crash into the nearby Friant-Kern Canal. The driver’s name has been withheld to protect his identity.