Bonnie Bowers Obituary

Bonnie Bowers Obituary, Bonnie Bowers At 73 Years Of Age Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Bonnie Bowers Obituary, Death – On Monday, April 3, 2023, at the age of 73, Bonnie Sue Woodyard Bowers, a lifelong resident of Gallipolis, Ohio, passed away. Before she passed away, she was peacefully surrounded by her family in the comfort of her own home. Bonnie Sue Woodyard Bowers spent her final days there in comfort. Her parents, Hollis and Leona Blake Woodyard.

Had already passed away when she was born on January 6, 1950 in Gallia County. She was Hollis and Leona Blake Woodyard’s only child. Hollis and Leona Blake Woodyard had no other children but her. Her parents, Hollis and Leona Blake Woodyard, had no other children after she was born. They loved and cared for her as if she were their own daughter.

Her sibling who predeceased her was identified as Wayne Woodyard, and her late sibling’s sister was Brenda Banks. After her death, none of her siblings were still alive. Because of her, they both met their tragic end. Brenda Banks is her sister’s name, while Wayne Woodyard is the name given to her brother. Their parents put a lot of thought into giving them meaningful names.

The children of both sets of parents share the same set of names. Bonnie had a successful and lengthy career as a registered nurse, and she was also an active member of the Elizabeth Chapel Church, which she loved dearly and considered to be one of the most important religious institutions she had ever been a part of. Bonnie’s nursing career had been fruitful and long-lasting.

Chris (Tammy) Harrison and Heather Harrison, both of Gallipolis, are the only ones who will remember their mother. Heather (Chris’s sister) Harrison also calls Gallipolis home. They will be the only ones in history to have accomplished this feat. Both CJ Harrison and Kayla Gardner, who are now married and living in Gallipolis, call her grandmother. At the Gallipolis arena, she died.

Her final breath was taken in Gallipolis. CJ married Courtney while Kayla wed Eric. CJ and Courtney have started a family. She was also the great-grandmother to Bentley, Kynslie, Rhett, and Tucker Harrison, as well as Avery and Addison Gardner’s children. These young people were Grandparent Gardner’s offspring. Sister Donna Greene of Lancaster and brother Tim Woodyard of Columbus are also left behind.

They are her last two living relatives. These are the only two surviving relatives from her family tree. At this time, her only remaining relatives are these two people from her past. These two family members are all she has left of her living relatives at this point in time. Only these two members of her extended family remain alive today, therefore they are the only relatives she has left.