Billy Pomare Obituary

Billy Pomare Obituary, Billy Pomare Has Sadly Passed Away

Billy Pomare Obituary, Death – Our hearts are filled with a tremendous amount of sadness as we are obligated to inform our community about Billy Pomare’s loss at this time. Yet, we feel forced to inform them of his passing despite this duty. The residents of our town held him in the highest regard and showed him a great deal of affection. He just lately passed away. Bill has been a part of our community for some years, and throughout that time, he has made invaluable contributions to both our church and our school.

Because Bill has been a part of our community for so long, his contributions have proven to be invaluable. The value of those donations has increased dramatically as a direct result of Bill’s assistance. She has been the chairwoman of our school board of trustees for the past nine years, and she is also a member of our congregation and a Kaumatua, friend, mentor, and supporter. She has served as board president for the past nine years.

Over these nine years, she has served as board chair for a combined total of nine years. Throughout the course of the last nine years, she has served as the board’s chair for a combined total of nine years. She has ruled over the board of directors for the organization for a total of nine years, eight of which were spent as chairperson. During this time, she has presided over the board of directors for a total of nine years and held the position of chairman of the organization for the same amount of time.

And she has done so without interruption for the past decade, during which time she has served as a full member of the board. Thus far, her service has been uninterrupted. Her service on the board has proceeded uninterruptedly over this time frame. Bill was passionate about all forms of education, but the Catholic school system held a unique place in his heart. He believed that everyone should have the same access to educational opportunities.

He believed that the norm should be providing all children with a first-rate education. This, in his opinion, is how things should work. His support for the movement was constant throughout its whole duration. Our kura is starting to come apart at the seams because he is not here, and it is becoming worse with time. We know you will be praying for Bill and his family (Kathy, their two kids, Hermoine and Daniel), and this gives us great comfort.

In advance, we appreciate your understanding and help at this challenging time. We can’t tell you how much your encouragement means to us during this trying time. Given the current circumstances, we wanted to take this chance to express our appreciation in advance for your help. During this trying time, we hope you’ll accept our heartfelt thanks for the support you’ve extended to us.