Bernie Smith Obituary, Homer Glen, Has Died - Death Cause

Bernie Smith Obituary, Homer Glen, Has Died – Death Cause

Bernie Smith Obituary, Death – Bernie, who lived in Homer Glen and was known to his friends and family as Bernard “Bernie” Joseph Smith, passed away at the age of 67. His relatives and friends simply called him Bernie. Bernie was his name. Amy counted herself quite fortunate to have a husband who was as committed as he was (nee Sharpe). cherished and respected paternal figure in the lives of Kelly Fitzsimons.

Both of their parents have also passed away. Since then, Stephen and Loretta Smith have both taken their own lives. Their grandparents on both their mother’s and father’s sides have likewise passed away. It has been established that both Stephen and Loretta Smith have crossed over to the other side. In addition, appearances were made by Barb Dunne, who played John, Norine Maloney, who played Ed, Rose Lipinski, who played Bob, Steve Smith.

Whose husband Damian is married, and Roger Smith, whose spouse Claire Chaikin is married; both of these individuals’ husbands are already married. Both of these people have found partners in marriage. Grandfather of Etta Grace Fitzsimons, for whom he devoted his entire life to working hard so that she might have a pleasant childhood and the best possible care. The one who, in addition to being Etta Grace Fitzsimons’ grandfather, was also the person who named her. Beloved child of the late Stephen Smith and Loretta Smith, who have both since passed away.

Who played Carol, and the much-loved sister of Mike Smith. Steve Smith played Carol. Norine Maloney played Ed. Rose Lipinski played Bob (Barb). In addition, he is held in the highest regard by a large number of his nieces, nephews, relatives, friends, and even Amby the dog. Amby is one of his many relations. This encompasses the most esteem that may be achieved.