Ann Sheldon Obituary, Proctorsville, Has Died - Death Cause

Ann Sheldon Obituary, Proctorsville, Has Died – Death Cause

Ann Sheldon Obituary, Death – age in years: 76 The birth of Ann Sheldon On November 2, 1946, Ruth Ann Heynig was brought into the world by her parents, Arthur A. Heynig Sr. and Ruth Heynig (Barrell). On March 29, 2023, she died away, and her loyal family was present to comfort her during her final moments.

In her spare time, she enjoyed practicing her crocheting and knitting skills as well as playing cribbage. Spending time at the beach, where she could watch the waves and listen to the sounds of the seagulls singing to one another, was one of the things that she enjoyed doing the most in her spare time.

In this environment, she was able to achieve a state of relaxation and calmness that she had been seeking. In addition to that, she treasured the time that she was able to spend with the people who were most important to her. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren brought her an incredible amount of joy and pride, and she cherished each and every one of them.

Although she lived in Proctorsville for the rest of her life, she spent her childhood in both Hartland and Proctorsville. The majority of her life was spent in Proctorsville. On August 2, 1964, she wed Vernon Sheldon Sr. in a traditional church ceremony. As a married pair, they raised a total of six children to adulthood. In the year 1985, they finally parted ways and divorced each other.

During the early to middle 1970s, Ann was employed by the 5C program, which provided in-home educational assistance to pre-school aged children in the communities of Windsor and Springfield, Vermont. During this period of time, the program was referred to as “5C.” Later on, she worked for Jewell Brook Mills in Ludlow, and then she moved on to work for Mac Molding Company in Cavendish, where she remained until the year 2012, when she finally took early retirement.