Alexander Sotomayor Obituary

Alexander Sotomayor Obituary, Alexander Sotomayor Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Alexander Sotomayor Obituary, Death – The victims in an exchange of gunfire that took place early on Friday morning have been named by the coroner for Lehigh County. Alexander J. Perez-Sotomayor, age 42, and Yovanni Suazo, age 21, both of Allentown, were pronounced dead at the scene. The shooting took place at approximately 1:40 in the morning on Friday.

Among those individuals was Suazo. According to the authorities, Perez-Sotomayor and Suazo exchanged gunfire, and both of them were ultimately killed by their wounds. That took place around 1:40 in the morning. According to the police, they discovered two males who had been shot, and despite their attempts to offer first aid, both of the guys passed away.

When police were called to the location, they discovered two guys who had been shot. After a dispute, the authorities claim that they fired their firearms at each other. According to the statements made by police, Perez-Sotomayor encountered a group of people in the vicinity of the 100 block of East South Street who were attempting to open doors of parked automobiles.

According to the findings of Lehigh County Coroner Dan Buglio, both of their deaths were the result of homicide. According to him, Suazo was hit by one bullet, while Perez-Sotomayor was hit by a number of bullets. A separate incident in the Center City neighborhood of Allentown claimed the life of a man who was 39 years old a few hours earlier. On Thursday evening, Darnelle Thompson was walking in the 500 block of North Fourth Street when he was approached by an assailant who shot and murdered him.