Alex Johnson Obituary,

Alex Johnson Obituary, WOMC 104.3 FM Host Dies From Cancer – Death Cause

Alex Johnson Obituary, Death –  It has been ascertained with absolute certainty that Alex Johnson has departed away. WOMC 104.3 FM The death of a cancer patient is an unavoidable consequence of the disease. Alex Johnson lost his battle with disease early on Tuesday morning. His death came about as a result of his condition. My mother fought breast cancer valiantly for ten years until God called her home to be with him. I will always remember her for her strength and courage.

I am thankful for the education that I received as a result of her fight, which taught me how to maintain a positive mindset and fight with love using a number of different strategies. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing my mother can attest to the fact that she was a wonderfully beautiful and extraordinarily strong woman. This is something that can be verified by anyone who had the opportunity to interact with her. Mom was the type of person who uprooted her entire life and moved it from the United Kingdom to the United States more than three decades ago in order to give our family the best life that she could possibly provide for us.

She did this in order to give us the opportunity to pursue our dreams and fulfill our potential. The amount of bravery that it must have taken for her to relocate to a distant nation without any money and without any knowledge of what she was putting herself into is something that I will never be able to truly comprehend. Because of this, she has forever earned my admiration and respect. It is such a wonderful achievement that I will make it a top goal to achieve something similar in my own life. She went on to complete her nursing degree, and then she committed the ensuing 25 years of her life to volunteering her services to individuals who were in need of assistance but could not afford it.